Transformational Massge

Deep Tissue Structural Bodywork

Deep Tissue Structural Bodywork (DTSB) manipulates the body's connective tissue through focused, sequential strokes to correct physical alignment and allow the body to heal itself naturally.

DTSB approaches the body structurally, releasing tension at the source as well as each of the affected areas.

Full Body Restoration

Full Body Restoration


A “full-body” deep tissue manipulation that will still allow time to focus on regions of specific concern. Typically, chronic pain can be alleviated within 3-5, weekly sessions. As the benefits of massage have been conclusively proven, monthly maintenance is recommended depending on the your physical activity level.


Foot Fortifying Flexology

Foot Fortifying Flexology

Structural Bodywork on the leg combined with Foot Reflexology to change the way you walk, stand and move!

Structural Psoas Release

Structural Psoas Release

The Psoas connects the upper and lower body, allowing the leg to move forward. A Psoas release allows greater ease of movement in life!

“Unsurpassed technique!” – E. E.

As a licensed Physical Therapist for the past thirty-eight years, my body requires its own attention and I have been a client of Salvatore Manzi for several years. His anatomical expertise, coupled with an unsurpassed manual technique have insured that every structural problem, every ache, every pain has been addressed and resolved in a professional and caring manner. In addition, he has recommended many stretching exercises for particularly tight areas of my body. Since going to him, my posture has improved and he’s managed to rid me of chronic upper back discomfort. He is a skilled and mindful practitioner.

“In a league all his own!” – Kevin S.

I was referred to Salvatore by a friend of mine upon suffering from lower back pain and a shoulder injury.

The location cannot be beat. The office is within a couple of blocks off the MUNI subway line and on every major bus line in the heart of the Castro. The space itself is small but clean and the atmosphere is spa-like. The room and the bedding are quite comfortable with plenty of space to conduct massage.

The real star of the show here is of course Salvatore, his intake process was thorough without being overwhelming and his examination of my injury and chronic back pain made me confident that he knew what he was talking about.

Once the massage began it became apparent that Salvatore is in a league all his own. Having been to several massages prior I had an idea of what things should feel like and what pain vs discomfort really was. Salvatore expertly maneuvered around my pain points while ensuring that I received a thorough and proper massage.

Salvatore remained connected to my body movements and reactions throughout. He was able to read them so as to give me more pressure without over doing it. In the end I left feeling relaxed, a little taller and all my pain points reduced.

For me the hallmark of any body healer is their ability to apply their craft on the individual they are working with along side all of their previous experience and special needs. I, like most people, would not turn over the care of my body to just anyone, especially since they can do more harm than good.

In the hands of Salvatore I have experienced genuine healing. He earned my trust on the first visit and I’ve gladly been back since. I’d recommend Salvatore to anyone wanting to either relax or work through some kind of injury. Salvatore’s years of experience and open ease of communicating will put your doubts to rest.

“Feel like a million bucks!” – Casey B

Salvatore is a magician. He clearly knows his anatomy (I actually first met him while he was teaching an anatomy mini-course at my yoga teacher training) and what he’s doing. I’m not one for a simply feel good, relaxing massage…I like for massage therapists to get in there and work some stuff out. This is precisely what he does, and every time I leave, I feel like a million bucks. From my perspective, any amount of money is worth that feeling (though the prices are reasonable). Try the psoas massage–it will blow your mind.

“A Religious Massage Experience!” – Cliff K.

People, if you want to truly religious massage experience, go see Salvatore. I was introduced to Salvatore from my chiropractor, Dr. Brian Lyttle. If you want an amazing massage that leaves you feeling like you’ve just been in an 1.5hour meditative state; then this IS your place.

I have two different types of massages I prefer from Salvatore. One is a structural massage. I like to have this if I’ve had an intense week of lifting and running. He really loosens up the sore muscles and stretches them. I can be a little uncomfortable at times, but you feel amazing afterwards. That dull pain from doing a blow-out chest work out from last Tuesday is all gone.

The next massage is a complete relaxation massage. I have a very high stress job and I’m constantly on the road or on a plane. This massage take all of the strain out of my shoulders and neck and relaxes my lower back. Also, it’s amazing how much my writs pop and crackle whenever he releases all of the “mouse” tension.

Salvatore is awesome.